Friday, December 3, 2010

Yahoo widgets

Choose from more than 4,000 Widgets. Make it all yours

•The most Widgets available anywhere online… more than 4,000 and growing fast!
•Weather, games, web cams, radio, scoreboards, calendars, mood rings… if you can imagine it, there's a Widget for it!

Html Snippets

:In Siteclipse::After You log in to your account:

Add HTML to your site with the HTML Snippet Widget. Place the widget on your page and use the Setup tab on the Editor to add your snippet code.
There are thousands of 3rd party HTML snippet widgets you can add to your site by using this simple tool. (Look in the File Manager in the 'HTML Snippet' folder).

The new range of widgets (chat, forum, form, mail to a friend, comments) are all themeable, which means you can change the button styles and colours quickly and easily.

Video widgets can be customised to look a number of different ways without or without their controls visible.

Free Flash Website Builder ::Build Unlimited Flash Websites::

Sunday, September 27, 2009

::P I X L R::Online Image Editor

What is Pixlr?
Pixlr is the creator of online cloud-based image tools. Today we have two applications in our suite, one we call Pixlr Editor and the other is Pixlr Express. They are built in Flash and you need to have a Flash plug in (get flash) to get it to work.

Who needs online tools?
The pixlr services is built for both non-professionals, the users that have basic editing needs like editing web images to be posted on social networks like Facebook, Myspace Bebo, image sites like Flickr, Fotolog, Photobucket, and an online website builder siteclipse..etc.

It's also widely used by professionals for fixing images for news sites and blogs etc.

Since the editors are Flash based the question about how they run are up to what kind of computer you have. If it is lagging you can try to shut down other web pages that might be running flash ads or close other software on your computer that is taking a lot of CPU.

They lacks features that I need?
We are constantly developing the applications to be more than they are right now. If you have any feature request please send them to

How about privacy?
If you use Flash 10 then there is no need for upload and the image is opened direct in your browser.

If you use a older version of Flash then the file must first be uploaded to our server and then downloaded into the application. The file that was uploaded is automatically deleted from our servers after 5 minutes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bedava Site yap!

Artik siteclipse ile websitesi olusturmak cok kolay. Hemen Hazır site sablonu sec vizyonuna gore yeniden tasarla ve siteni bedava yonet. Reklamlardan gelir elde et..
Senin Hala bir web siten YOKMU?????
Hemen simdi!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Create banners easily,in less time, with less or no money!
BannerSnack is an online banner generator that allows you to easily create animated banner ads and cool flash animations without flash programming. And you know what? One could never see the difference between a banner made by a flash programmer in hours of work and a banner made by you with BannerSnack in minutes.

These are some of BannerSnack's secrets:
It contains tens of transitions, effects and filters that will enable you to easily create text and image animations
It has editable banner templates
It works like a presentation software
No flash programming is required
It works 100% online
So there's no technical obstacle that can stop you from using BannerSnack, whether you are a marketer, advertiser, designer, blogger, student, employee or boss.


Monday, February 23, 2009

animations and widgets for siteclipse?

Siteclipse's Flash & Animation website is coming soon! Watch this space for the launch details and date!
Bizimle Calismak istermisiniz? siteclipse icin flash animasyonlar ve widgetlar yapin KAZANIN!

design widgets for siteclipse?
Basic guidelines:
create animations and widgets using any software that outputs '.swf' files. swf must be @ 24 fps (frame per second). mask any animation that goes outside the swf boundary. replace any 'absolute' references to _root (in action script code) with 'relative' references (this, _parent etc). designed Flash(swf)file = self-contained SWF and created using an 'acceptable' Flash generator. should be exported for Flash Player 7 or 8.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

siteclipse Paketler ve Fiyatlar.

İçerdiği hazır şablonları kullanarak unlimited flash siteler tasarlamak ve kendi musteri grubunuzu olusturmak istiyorsanız siteclipse'i (siteclipse online website builder)kullanabilirsiniz. 4000'den fazla hazır theme'lerden birini seçip kendi sitenize göre düzenliyor ve birkaç adımda kendi sitenizi oluşturabiliyorsunuz. Programı 14 gün boyunca deneyebiliyorsunuz. Deneme süresi sonunda programı kullanmaya devam etmek ve siteclipse'in tum fonksiyonlarindan yararlanmak isterseniz Ayda sadece 4.04Euro'ya uye olabilir SINIRSIZ web siteleri yaratmaya baslayabilirsiniz!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

specific web codes

No requirement to learn any programming languages or specific web codes: You are limited only by your own imagination. Start Now!

Basics of Good Web Design!

If you’re serious about being successful in any business, you'd better think about getting a decent website up and running. Whether you’ve got something to sell or just want to tell the world you’re there, you need to do it in a way that grabs attention.

Basics of Good Web Design!

Fast Loading Web Site - Make sure that your images are properly optimized. Don't use very many large images, save those for a different page. Keep any auto-running multimedia to a minimum, provide links to run media instead. Check your code for anything else that could affect your page loading times. Since text loads almost instantly go ahead and use all the text you want, just keep everything else under control.

No Meaningless Splash Page -use a smaller animation contained in your main landing page which also includes your main message and links to the rest of your site. It will make for a faster loading page (smaller file) and your visitors can go ahead with accessing your site without having to wait for the animation to finish.

No Annoying Web Gimmicks - you have your visitor on your site quickly the one thing you don't want to do is to drive them away just as quickly. So, don't put anything annoying on that first page. No loud background music that makes them quickly hit the volume control or the back button on their browser. No flashing animations while they are trying to read your content. No popup, flyout, expanding ads that cover your home page. Basically, leave the gimmicks alone until you are sure that your visitor will stay on your site. Most casual visitors will leave your site in just a few seconds, no sense on driving them away more quickly.

Have a Clear Message - Too many web sites are a mish-mash of content. This is especially true of blog pages. Certain types of sites lend themselves to stream of consciousness content, but most don't. Make it easy for your viewer to understand what your web site is about, don't make them guess. Have a clear topic headline, followed by clear and concise text. This is also where a picture is worth a thousand words, but only if the picture directly pertains to your message.You want your visitor to quickly understand what your message is. If they like your message, they will take the time to read the rest of your page and look around your web site. If they don't like your page, then it won't do you any good having them stay on your site anyway. So, don't make your visitors guess, let them know what you are about quickly and cleanly and you will have happy visitors. And when thinking about a sales page, a happy customer is a buying customer.

Coordinated Design -If you select one place for your logo, one place for your navigation, one look for your buttons or other common graphic elements and stick with those then you will be well on your way to a coordinated design. If you change colors for a different section, but keep the same logo location, the same navigation location, the same button shape, then your visitors will not become lost as they move from page to page.

Easy Navigation -Most people start reading a page from the top left and then read towards the bottom right. So navigation at the left or top will be seen as soon as someone enters your page. Also navigation at the left or top will not move or change position if the browser window is adjusted in size. The worst thing you can do is to put your main navigation on the right side of the page and have your page set for a large screen size. Let's say that your page is set for 1024 across with the navigation on the right, and someone views your page at 800 across, they will not see your navigation at all. The left side of your page will show perfectly, but the right side will be hidden outside of their viewing area. Of course by using floating or popup menus you can overcome some of these design limitations and keep your navigation visible at all times.Unless you know that your audience will enjoy it, don't use Mystery Navigation. This is where your navigation is hidden within images, or spaced around the web page in some mysterious random order. This can be fun on gaming sites, or social networking sites, but in most cases the navigation should be easy to see and easy to use. If you do want to use Mystery Navigation, I would recommend keeping the text based navigation at the bottom of the page, just in case.

"Complete" web site - You can easily tell your visitors that you will be having more content in the future without having your site look like it is unfinished. Just use phrases like "Content Updated Weekly" or "New Products Added Monthly". Both of these will tell your visitors that it would be worth their time to come back and visit later, but neither one will make your site look unfinished. So no matter how small your web site is, give the impression that you have taken the time to complete the site before putting it up on the internet, this makes for a more professional presentation and a better visitor experience....Article by GP(